About MMFC

Our Mission

Provide quality surgical and dental services to poor and under-privileged children and young adults in various countries throughout the world as well as facilitate the transfer of education, knowledge and recent innovations to the local medical communities.

Our Commitment, Our Mission

Every MMFC volunteer is committed to a singular goal: 

To care for those in the poorest corners of the world, who have no access to specialized medical care. 


Cleft lip and palate deformities are not rare. Every hour, at least twenty children are born with this devastating affliction. 

Of those twenty children, nineteen of them live in a place where their chance of receiving adequate medical and surgical care is zero.

Every year, MMFC volunteer teams provide surgical, dental, and rehabilitative care to over 2000 children born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities. We return to each site at least once every year to follow-up with children we have operated on, and to complete surgical procedures on as many new patients as possible. 

With the advent of electronic communication, MMFC surgeons stay in regular contact with the medical professionals we partner with in host countries. This allows week-to-week followup on the children we have cared for, and consultation regarding the children who will require surgery when we next visit.