Hospital and Corporate Partnerships

For over 10 years MMFC has been the best kept secret in International Medical Missions. We have not had an unlimited budget, high support staff overhead, advertising, celebrity endorsements or much in the way of outside financial support. We have always been a grassroots organization that has been able to accomplish incredible life-saving work though our own fundraising efforts and the generosity of a few.

We are now asking for your help to shed a light on our organization and keep us going financially strong for another 10 years. Your hospital or corporate involvement, sponsorship and participation, can ensure that we continue to save lives by providing surgical, medical and dental services to poor and under-privileged children and young adults around the world.

Please take the first step. Have someone from your organization contact us with your interest. We can work together on a plan to continue to provide the life saving support of our medical missions in a way that can serve your organization and ours. This support can be in the form of cash donations, much needed medical supplies and equipment, mission talent and/or volunteers. Or simply offer to educate your employees and co-workers about MMFC's work.

As an example, MMFC is in partnership with a hospital in New York. In exchange for providing six of their nurses each year with experience and a life-changing mission opportunity, this facility donates a certain dollar amount to MMFC each year. They reward and recognize their staff nurses with these mission opportunities, and are able to share their humanitarian efforts and successes in hospital newsletters with their own organization and area of service.

MMFC partners with numerous corporate sponsors that help to underwrite our fundraising events by donating venues, refreshments, food and auction items. Still other medical companies donate or lease equipment that we need on our missions and in return, we can provide wonderful publicity for the company to use on its website or in its own newsletter. It would be our pleasure to create a sponsorship opportunity for you and your corporation or hospital.

Please contact us today and "Let the Healing Begin." For hospital or corporate sponsorship info and planning please call: 978-387-2749 (c)

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