Who We Are

MMFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a dedicated group of approximately 375 volunteer surgeons, anesthesiologists, medical  and dental specialists. Our volunteer team members use their personal vacation time to travel to remote geographical locations around the world in order to help heal children and young adults. The focus of our missions is the surgical repair of cleft lip and palate deformities, burn injuries, microtia (absence of the outer ear) and head/neck tumors.  Dental specialists, nutritionists and speech pathologists also participate in our surgical missions. Our volunteers hail from the most well respected hospitals and teaching institutions in the United States and abroad.

What We Do

MMFC currently sends 15 to 20 surgical and dental missions each year to China, Ecuador, Guatemala, India, Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ukraine. Each 1 to 2 week mission consists of 5 to 30 surgical and dental volunteers and costs an average of $45,000. We set up operating rooms, recovery areas and dental suites, and carry all necessary supplies, equipment and medications with us.

Why We Do What We Do

Due to the lack of access to modern medical care, a staggering number of children in third world countries born with congenital facial deformities suffer with them their whole lives. The deformities of the children cause physical pain, but that is far from all. The deformities foster shame, isolation, and sadness as the afflicted children grow older. Deformed children feel different from peers; in many cases, other children ridicule and ostracize them. The deformed children’s lives become lonely, isolated, and without hope. These children are also plagued by chronic infections, at which point the deformity can becomes dangerous – and sometimes fatal. MMFC provides its surgical and dental services at no cost to the patients or families. There is a backlog of 4.6 to 5 million children and adults around the world who continue to suffer every day from untreated cleft conditions and other congenital deformities.

Why We Are Proud

MMFC helps to heal over 1,000 children per year, and MMFC accomplishes this using only 7% of donated money for overhead costs. That means 93% of your donations go directly to the missions. It’s a statement that most other charitable organizations simply cannot make.

MMFC is also committed to facilitating the transfer of medical education, knowledge, and recent innovations to the local medical communities we serve. While on our missions, we provide professional training to the local physicians, surgeons and nurses, and leave behind necessary equipment and supplies. We have outfitted numerous operating rooms, most recently at Gitwe Hospital in Rwanda. We have also outfitted entire dental suites including the clinic in Quito, Ecuador. Since its inception, MMFC has helped to heal over 15,000 children and young adults and has provided dental care to over 50,000 patients.

What We Need

MMFC needs you! We need your professional talent, time and donations. We also need supplies, medications and equipment. Please contact us today at info@mmfc.org.

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